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Kaivos, is a company incorporated in Chile, with the objective of providing advice and professional services in exploration and exploitation operations of non-metallic and metallic mining deposits in critical resources, developing models that allow extracting and exporting with the required quality to refining plants. in the production of Lithium Carbonate with solid traceability


Our operations

Our operations are concentrated in the "Lithium Triangle" in concessions in salt flats of low commercial interest for the State of Chile, efficiently supplying refining plants located abroad with compounds of natural origin without prior concentration that vary according to geographic location. and formation of the Salar. The project begins in 2022 with the lease and promise of the first 4,000 hectares, beginning a process of exploitation of 400 hectares in Salares in the Atacama Region. Expanding the processes outside the Salar de Atacama and areas outside of commercial interest for the State and companies that operate with DLE. Locating a total of 10,800 exploitable hectares between the regions of Copiapó and Tarapaca. Kaivos is a pioneer in generating "Purchasing Power" by promoting local labor and significant benefits for communities


Manuel Troncoso

Eng. Business Administration

President & Founder of Kaivos

Former Public Official – Property Position

Evaluator and Advisor in Mining Projects Gran Mineria

José Luis Torres


Specialized in Foreign Capital Investment Businesses.

Minority Investor in Sale of Salt in Kaivos SpA.

Partner in Mining Concessions in Salares

Jaqueline Núñez



Investment Control Specialists in Large Corporations,

Tax Diagnostics, Valuation of financial instruments and budgetary consultancies in projects. Partner in Mining Concessions in Salares

Sebastian Ihsiang Liao

Commercial Executive

Director of International Business -Kaivos.

Specialized in Foreign Trade and International Business.

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